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Case Study 1 – Pauline Gower

Treated for: Severe back & neck pain

quotesI would recommend Kate to anyone with neck and back problems. A leading London neurologist agrees that Kate’s treatment is my best course of action. She is kind and patient and I wouldn’t be without her. Kate’s manipulation on my neck and back makes life bearable and I’m enjoying it. Although I’m 80, I feel rejuvenated at times. She’s a good girl, her fees are reasonable and she’s well worth a visit.

Case Study 2 – Nicole

Treated for: Recovery from car accident

quotesMy father recommended Katherine to me because I damaged myself in a car accident and as a hairdresser, my job wasn’t helping my injury. I came to Kate and she gave me sports massage and really got into the muscle and now I’m fine. Kate is also my personal trainer, training me three times a week and I’m feeling the difference. I recommend Kate to all my clients because she really works her magic.

Case Study 3 – Patricia

Treated for: Dropped head syndrome

quotesI suffer from a rare condition called dropped head syndrome. I was told by the local hospital that the only option was surgery. This would involve putting a rod from my spine into my head making my head pretty immobile. I declined the operation because it didn’t sound very good. My friend introduced me to Kate. When I first came to Kate I couldn’t lift my head up and now I can hold my head up very well. Her manipulation is making a difference. Kate is very patient and has been so good in helping me when I need it.

Case Study 4 – Ricky

Treated for: Sports injuries & sports massage

quotesI’ve been attending the Katherine Mew clinic for 8 years now. Sometimes I have needed appointments in a hurry for sports injuries, or just for limbering up and to keep flexible etc. I play golf, am involved in motor sports, snowboarding and do floor restoration work so at any point can be in need of Katherine’s treatments. I find it a very good way to sort out problems with my back, arms, legs or whatever is injured and have referred between 10-20 people to Katherine over the years without any complaints at all, and every one comes out feeling much, much better.

Case Study 5 – Jack Lovell

Treated for: Slipped discs

quotesI slipped 3 discs when I was working and lifting a boiler. It put me out of work for a while so I came to the Katherine Mew clinic. Kate had me back to normal in 3 treatments and back to work. I haven’t had any problems since. I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to the Katherine Mew clinic.

Case Study 6 – Helen Brigden

Treated for: Smoking cessation, fear of flying, menopause symptoms

quotesI have known Kate for 13 years. We first met when my daughter was a swimmer and Kate became her sports masseuse. I have seen Kate myself for massages. I am also a taxi driver so am hunched up and have a very bad neck, Kate sorts this out for me on a weekly basis. She has also taught me to self hypnotise to help me with my fear of flying. Kate helped me pack up smoking with hypnosis. She has also helped me with the menopause using acupuncture and now I don’t get the hot sweats at night. All round Katherine has helped me in lots of different areas. Katherine is always worth a shot at seeing.

Case Study 7 – John Morris

Treated for: Chronic back pain

quotesI have had 9 treatments with Kate, which is a lot, but my body was in a hell of a mess and I’m progressing very quickly with the help of Katherine. 10 years ago I went to Harley Street on the recommendation of my GP, my back was in a terrible state, I’ve have MRI scans, physiotherapy and eventually was introduced to Katherine. Since I’ve been in her own private practice I’ve been treated so well with her that I honestly think I wasted the last 10 years by not having the right diagnosis and treatment in the first place. Diagnosis is the most important thing and no-one, including the people in Harley Street, got it right. Katherine with her expertise has now really sorted me out. Each day I go for a walk, I go further without pain and if this carries on I couldn’t ask for more.

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