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The Katherine Mew Clinic
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by Toby on The Katherine Mew Clinic
Incredible lady!

Kate is a life saver! I injured my lower back at work lifting heavy objects. I was in so much agony and could barely walk. I rang Kate on the of chance of being seen as soon as she was available and incredibly she managed to fit me in the same day during her lunch hour. After the session I felt like a new man and my back was back in good shape and back to work the next day. I will now be seeing Kate on a regular basis just to keep my back in a good way. Thank you very much Kate!

by P S on The Katherine Mew Clinic
Incredible for pregnancy insomnia

I am 6 months pregnant and have been suffering with terrible insomnia. my midwife suggested i try acupuncture as a last resort and so i contacted Katherine. I was sceptical at first but my god it's worked! A week in to the treatment and i was scared the effects would wear off but they are just getting better. She's so knowledgeable and even tried other treatments to help with it so i would highly recommend her!

by Michael Rogerson on The Katherine Mew Clinic

I’ve suffered from chronic ankle pain following numerous football related injuries for nearly twenty years and have seen many physios, doctors and sort alternative remedies too.

For the first time EVER I can safely say I’ve met someone in Kate who not only delivers results but works so hard to resolve the injuries to both ankles for the long term too.

I get manipulation, laser and acupuncture all at the same time so effectively have three treatments in one and would be happy to recommend Kate to anyone who might just have either given up or needs help.

Thank you Kate

by Harold Silander on The Katherine Mew Clinic
Thank you

I was away from home and my neck / shoulder went. Contacted Katherine, saw her next day, one session, all good. It took a few days for full relief, and 3 months later I am still in good shape.

by Dr Mayur Bodani on The Katherine Mew Clinic
A Knight in distress rescued by a damsel!

I found myself with horrible shoulder and neck pain. Kate saw me within minutes of contacting me, and I was on her table straightaway getting the problem dealt with.

Kate was all she claims. I was seriously impressed. It's great to meet somebody who is as skilled as she is. Kate is now the only number in my book when it comes to musculoskeletal pain.

If you find I was wrong let me know... but I won't be holding my breath!

by Jackie Brown on The Katherine Mew Clinic
First Class - You won't be disappointed!!

Kate has been my saviour both physically and mentally. She is a truly remarkable lady who understands exactly what you need, is easy to talk to and gets to grip with whatever pain or problem you have.

I have been seeing Kate for nearly 2 years with terrible pain in my shoulders, neck, back and foot and she always has time to listen and deal with my aches and discomfort and I would whole heartedly recommend anyone who is in need of a First Class Osteopath to visit Kate.

YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED only relieved that you have found her!

by Julia Genever on The Katherine Mew Clinic
Continued healin

Kate I cannot believe how much you still ring in my ear re breathing. My back had been wonderful after only Three sessions with you .. how long ago.... 2 years??? Oh my goodness, two days ago I got the intense I cannot walk pain back..... so. ,,... I ice packed like you told me back then. I massaged into the spot like you said back then and I deep breathed like you said. Oh my goodness Miracle cure. I’m soooooo happy. Thank you Kate!! I feel like I’ve just had a session with you. !!!! You are truly gifted and talented at your job I’m so Blessed to have had my back healed by you. And proud of myself for remembering the tools you gave me to keep it right. Forever greatful ❤️❤️

by Graham Nicholson on The Katherine Mew Clinic
Back treatment

I was recommended Katherine through a recommendation from her dads practice (Riverside in Gravesend, now retired). I was suffering with back pains and had previous work done on it. But Katherine treatment was second to none. Previous treatment was too advanced for my muscles and didn't help much. Katherine knew what was needed and loosen the muscles reliving the pain. She also gave me secondary treatment ideas to do at home. Following all this advice my back is in a better place. With continued appointments with Katherine I'm sure I'll avoid long term back problems. Highly recommended.

by Nomore Deadlifts on The Katherine Mew Clinic

I'd hurt my lower back weight training and Kate, whom my wife had recommended, fixed things in one visit. She's knowledgeable and friendly, so as well as addressing my injury, she told me some interesting stuff on the related topics of physical and mental health. I think she's great and I recommend her.

by James on The Katherine Mew Clinic
Great for my back

Was recommended to Kate by a friend and really glad I went.

Had two visits to the clinic and she worked wonders with my

Sciatic back issue, haven't needed to go back but would advise

Anyone to pay a visit if they had any issues.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. Kate

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